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morphology of a dog [1]click to hear

morphology of a dog [1] toe wrist knee hock thigh forearm elbow shoulder flews tail back withers cheek stop muzzle

toe click to hear

Terminal end of the limb supporting the body; it is formed of various articulated bones and ends in a claw.

wrist click to hear

Articulation of the forelimb to which the toes are attached.

knee click to hear

Thigh joint (femur) articulating with the lower section of the leg (tibia).

hock click to hear

Articulation of the hind limb; it contributes to movement and absorbs shocks.

thigh click to hear

Upper part of the hind limb; its muscles provide strong momentum.

forearm click to hear

Portion of the forelimb located between the elbow and the wrist.

elbow click to hear

Articulation of the forelimb between the upper arm and the forearm above the knee.

shoulder click to hear

Upper part of the forelimb attached to the trunk and forming a very mobile articulation.

flews click to hear

Movable muscular folds forming the contour of the mouth and having a tactile function.

tail click to hear

Terminal appendage of the body; the dog uses it mainly to show its reactions.

back click to hear

Upper portion of the trunk opposite the belly between the withers and the loin.

withers click to hear

Part of the body that is an extension of the neck and forms a protuberance above the shoulder.

cheek click to hear

Side part of the head between the muzzle and the ear, below the eye.

stop click to hear

Part between the top of the head and the muzzle.

muzzle click to hear

Elongated front part of the head usually covered with sensory hairs (mustaches) that has a highly developed tactile and olfactory function.